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Designed for Chefs

Our controls provide the only way to allow chefs or FoH Managers to control the speed of orders into the kitchen and bars. Designed to work by restaurant operators we do more than just take-away and delivery. QZero offers restaurants large and small, the opportunity to provide table self service for everything on the menu, from cocktails to elaborate main meals you have control over every aspect of demand.

kitchen control

Mobile Web App

Using a secure gateway we provide a simple and intuitive interface that makes ordering a breeze. Setup is quick and simple and can be done with little or no training.

Full POS integration

To ensure accurate inventory and financial management we interface to any POS system that has an open API. Where your POS system does not cater for this we provide a stand alone solution that offers all the same services with daily reporting.


Every menu item has the ability to be turned on or off instantly. Discounts and promotional prices can be setup in moments and structured by time, menu category, product or a combination of these. Member offers and loyalty systems are built in from day one as is a fast payment gateway. Restaurant opening times are customizable by day and can be any length.

Split Controls

Our unique ‘live control’ operates on a tablet and can be used at any time to manage multiple circumstances instantly in the restaurant. Whilst our Admin management is operated through a web interface, and offers broader operational and setup parameters, as well as the full range of live controls.

Credit Card processing

We work with Mastercard, VISA and AMEX to ensure full IPC privacy protection of every transaction and run sophisticated fraud detection systems to reduce errors and ensure the fastest payment process available. Using our Qzero Wallet offers even faster payment processes with stored payment details.

Add on Modules

Bookings and pre ordering

If your customers are in a hurry or need to finish their meal at a certain time our reservation and ordering system, along with our integrated order and kitchen management, means customers can book to eat their meal at a time they choose with little waiting. A service only Qzero can offer we ensure that each part of the meal is timed to match the customers exact needs without inconveniencing the kitchen or FoH staff.

Logical up sell

Qzero can analyse each order and offer a series of upgrades and value adds to the customer at checkout. Customisable by the venue this can increase sales and improve customer service

Member loyalty

For member based organisations tiered discounts and benefits are available. For those looking to grow loyalty it makes for a great way to add repeat business.