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Know your un-carded players

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Nearly 50% of all traffic generated revenue in clubs and pubs comes from customers you dont know and never will. Gaming systems are great at managing memberships and loyalty but they have no way to value players who just come to play. QZero solves the problem by puting customer service at the machine. Our controls provide the only way to allow random orders to be managed in the kitchen and bars, offering gaming venues large and small, the opportunity to provide machine service for everything on the menu, and then identify the player.


Our HTML5 platform makes it simple to either custom build your own solution using tablets or ipods or integrate to any of the major gaming systems touch displays. We provide a simple and intuitive interface that makes ordering a breeze. Setup is quick and simple and can be done with little or no training. If you already have a Club phone App we can operate directly from it with no new coding required.

Full POS and Gaming System integration

To ensure accurate inventory and financial management we interface to POS systems, with an open API, and the major gaming systems. Where your systems do not cater for this we provide a stand alone solution that offers all the same services with daily reporting that can be matched to your machine play.

Member Loyalty

For your members it can provide faster service, links to their tier for status recognition, discounts and promotions as well as points transactions for both payment and earning. Along with full reporting for every transaction by customer.


Every menu item has the ability to be turned on or off instantly. Discounts and promotional prices can be setup in moments and structured by time, menu category, product or a combination of these. Member offers and loyalty systems are built in from day one as is a fast payment gateway. Bar and kitchen opening times are customizable by day and can be any length.

Split Controls

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Our unique ‘live control’ operates on a tablet and can be used at any time to manage multiple circumstances instantly in the venue. Whilst our Admin management is operated through a web interface, and offers broader operational and setup parameters, as well as the full range of live controls.

Credit Card processing

We work with Mastercard, VISA and AMEX to ensure full PCI compliance for privacy protection of every transaction and run sophisticated fraud detection systems to reduce errors and ensure the fastest payment process available. Using our Qzero Wallet offers even faster payment processes with stored payment details.

New Marketing Opportunities

As QZero provides the opportunity to now identify players it also offers the opportunity to change you marketing strategy. Create new drivers for retention and visitation and leverage the knowledge gained by a customers purchasing behaviour. Sliced has many years experience in developng effective strategies on the floor to drive business growth and can work with Operations, Marketing or Gaming to build business growth tools.

Ask your systems supplier

Ask your systems supplier if they can offer you the QZero solution because ONLY QZero has our patent pending algorithm for managing the potential demand from a gaming floor or large venue.

Great Value

For a lot less than the cost of a single machine QZero can add the final piece to your venues customer knowledge - know your uncarded players now!