Order Control

Order Control

Order Control is our patent pending algorithm that allows physical and virtual queues to integrate whilst managing production capacity that is the result of demand generated by a queue.

The result is a self ordering system for customers that can mimic any number of service staff for order taking.

In any production environment where there are time constraints and high customer demand, the patenet pending algoithm in Order Control can manage service emulate sales or service people and control the speed at which orders are delivered into the production area so as not to allow overloads.

In doing so it:

  • reduces the service head count

  • shortens physical queues thereby improving customer service

  • increases consumption because orders are no longer constrained by waiting times

  • blends both physical and virtual queues so that there is no queue jumping for app based orders and they do not all arrive within seconds of each other in the production area

  • creates a loyalty/membership platform that can offer discounts as required (e.g. by item or time of day etc)

  • allows for ads to be placed on any or all pages

  • has an internal logic flow that does an upsell at the end of the order process to ensure maximum revenue

  • reduces the need for physical POS terminals and software licenses to 1 per area (or site) depending on your needs

Order Controls patented processes deliver on the promise of customer service and production control to ensure a smoothly operated company and happy customers, whilst reducing staff costs and delivering enormous marketing opportunities


Licensing agreements for the Order Control algorithm are available for App developers, integrators and system manufacturers.


Order Control can be seen in restaurants, pubs and clubs as QZero.


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Order Control ROI

Low cost entry

Order Control can reduce operational costs and have a payback period of less than 3 months even with no increase in traffic.

There are no ongoing license fees, the only regular costs are server hosting and the normal online transaction fees.

Order Control is a cost saving solution that offers the opportunity to change the way customers interact with your business.