Club and Pub Consulting

Club and Pub Consulting

Growing revenue in gaming and food and beverage is an art that comes with an understanding of the way consumers behave and what drives their engagement with your venue.

What we know is that there are more ways to grow your business than you think.


Marketing for Gaming

Shifting your uncarded player percentages, changing customer perceptions and dealing with your local competitors are just some of the opportunities for your venue to grow.

With an intimate understanding of the way gaming works, how players behave and what is needed to make it grow Sliced offers venues opportunities few other agencies can.

Our strategic approach starts with delving into the numbers that drive your business then stretches out to what your opportunities are and finally provides solutions for activiting the value in your assets.

Our years of experience in gaming, customer service and business analytics can offer results both short and long term that will surpass the setup of a basic loyalty program and deliver a range of new revenue opportunities.


Food and Beverage

Having built our patent pending ordering system QZero with kitchen management as the key criteria we have a detailed knowledge of the operations of your F&B department. Sliced can develop new product strategies and marketing programs to assist in turning your F&B business into a traffic driver and profit centre.

From working with your Executive Chef to managing supplier agreements and new product opportunities we are able to support all aspects of the revenue drivers for your F&B department.


Boards and Executive Management

Having worked with Boards we also understand the complexities of the management processes and can readily support the presentation of data and strategies to ensure success.


Custom Solutions

Because every venue is different we start with a customer and market analysis and then custom build solutions for your venue.

As we do so we train your staff and provide the skills and resources for long term benefits from our programs.