Marketing Consultancy

Sliced - Strategic Planning and Marketing

Sliced Marketing has over 30 years experience in B2B, B2C, retail and hospitality marketing. We have created many unique programs that have changed brands and created ongoing revenue growth.

Our strategic planning program starts with undertsanding your customers, looking at how they behave and what drives your business revenue day to day. We then work with your team to define the current effective practices and the returns they are generating.

From this revue we build enduring plans that drive the long term strategies for your business.

It isn't just a marketing plan, it is a future business and customer management program that covers everything from digital media to new product development and staff behaviour.

Experience Counts

Our creative team has worked on hundreds of accounts including brands like Sony, Sharp, Drake, Virtual Offis, Harvey Norman, Amway, EMC, Intralinks and Rooty Hill RSL. From creative to staff development and complete business strategies the team has created a myriad of tools that have delivered the results.

Our belief is simple, every campaign, every idea, every strategy must evoke a passion in the target customer. The bland the boring and the left behind continue to talk in terms of specifiactions and promises they cannot deliver. At Sliced we find the triggers that change perceptions and deliver results.

Cause Marketing at any level

Delivering information to a broad cross section of consumers is complicated, but when they are all connected to an emotional trigger opportunities become apparent. Be it the local Club, a sports team or favourite game there is a way to create engagement with everyone.