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Phone Payment

Take Orders in Venue, control kitchen and bar production, reduce costs and improve customer service

QZero is the only way to manage online orders and not overload professional kitchens and bars

For customers it means no waiting, no queues and fast payment.

Kitchen Control

With a patent pending algorithm you can control the speed of every order as it is delivered to the kitchen or bar. No overloads, no panic. Our simple interface caters for every cooking station and any demand level you may have, emulating from 1 to 99 POS terminals.

Web Ordering

Just place a link on your web site and give your customers a seamless ordering experience. It's that simple!

Mobile Web App

Customers can find your menu with ease by installing our App. In just two clicks they can be ordering, freeing your staff to do other things.

Accept Credit Cards

Securely accept credit card payments. Customers can save cards on file, so they can pre-pay for an order in just a few clicks. Works with your existing merchant account or use our fraud protection for extra safety.

Full POS Integration

Our online ordering system integrates with many existing Point of Sale systems and if you don’t have one our stand alone model delivers exactly the same service with printers and full queue control.


Options are available for ordering time frames, discounts and promotions by time of day meal type or category, member discounts, bookings and pre ordering and logical up selling for each order placed.

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