Ian Lowe - BE, MMGT

As an Electrical Engineer Ian started his career working on Satellite Earth Stations only to find that it was the wrong career choice.


A career change was needed and after two years selling industrial electronics he ended up at one of the worlds largest and most respected brands, Sony. Through out his career at Sony Ian managed 3 distinctly different divisions, Broadcast video and audio, Computing and Business Communications and Consumer AV, all of which had uniquely different propositions to their customers.

This experience delivered a sound understanding of B2B and B2C strategies that can be applied to any organisation. After leaving Sony Ian spent 2 years developing the first software platform that became the heart of the Sliced mindset of collectivism, loyalty and interaction.


Recently Ian completed a 6 year role at the RHR Group (Rooty Hill RSL) creating new products, brand strategies and marketing platforms across the Groups wide range of products. Most notably being the creative behind the clubs many media and political activities as well as developing the algorithm to manager customer service in a large scale venue that became QZero.


Ian has worked with a large number of major brands within the Australian retail sector, the club and hospitality industry. He has published a paper on Human Resources and Environmental management, holds a patent for the Queuing algorithm that drives Order Control/QZero and has a Masters degree in Management.

Samantha Marks - BA (HONS)

With over fifteen years experience in advertising and communications, Samantha has a strong media background and understands the marketing continuum and the role Strategic Content plays in developing brand and product strategies.

Starting in media with leading national masthead The Australian, Sam then joined a niche advertising agency specialised in broadcast, IT&T and electronics, where she worked on brands such as Sony and Sharp before setting up a successful PR division.

Following this, she moved into a client-side role as the Communications Manager for an ASX listed entity where she marketed the sale and integration of Digital Video on Demand systems, digital content and Broadband for the hospitality industry.

Sam holds an Honours Degree in Political Science, has a love of the polemic and a background in debate and public speaking, all of which feed her natural aptitude for tackling complex concepts and making them easy to understand for the customer, the consumer and the media.

High technology and ICT has always been a particular area of strength for Sam and it is here her background in advertising for brands in broadcast, electronics and IT&T comes to the fore. Her edgy writing style helps materials developed for clients to not only stand out in the market but become the strategic driver of both creative and product marketing propositions.

Graduating BAHons from the University of Victoria, Wellington, Sam returned to her native Australia thirteen years ago.

Its the economy stupid.....

As the world economy heads into turmoil every marketing dollar needs to be valued